There’s a belief that pursuing the arts professionally means constantly struggling to find success–the “starving artist.” Over the years, I’ve debunked this myth. Artists struggle when they think work will come to them simply because of their talent. In reality, artists must seek out opportunities, not idly wait for them to suddenly appear. Your talent is why you get hired, but it’s not how you get found, or why clients stay. It’s about wearing different hats, making yourself discoverable, + delivering an amazing product. My goal is to help you figure this shit out.

My name is Rachel. I’m a wedding, lifestyle, + commercial photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY. When I started my business eight years ago, there was no education widely accessible for photographers. It was all trial + error + figuring it out for myself. After completing a degree in Advertising at Boston University (and many agency internships later), I decided to take my passion full-time. I feel grateful every day that I wake up to do what I love + I’m passionate about guiding other photographers on the path to do the same. If you’re in need of tips for building your business, strategies for reaching new clients, guidance on the creative process, or just need a reason to feel re-inspired, this mentorship experience is for you. 

My Philosophy–


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If you choose a session that includes a portfolio review, you’ll send me a bunch of galleries to look over.

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We plan a Zoom call or in-person meeting (masks required). Time to learn, grow, + feel inspired. 

“After doing photography professionally for about three years, I started to get stuck in a rut. Inquires were very sparse, I didn’t have much content to share + I felt as if I was losing my drive for what I loved. I didn’t know how to advance my business + take it to the next level. I reached out to Rachel for mentoring because I saw she was doing something RIGHT. Rachel was extremely knowledgeable about how to book consistently, create a strong online presence + ultimately reach more clients. After implementing her advice, I can honestly say my business began to flourish. I started booking more weddings + creating content that I loved + was proud of. I was (+ still am) gaining more followers on Instagram + reaching more clients. I learned exactly where my clients are discovering me + how to better target them. Most importantly, I got my passion for photography back + realized that what I love most is couples + weddings! Now I have the tools I need to watch my business keep growing, thanks to Rachel!”


“Rachel was so helpful in answering my questions. Our time together brought a new professional prospective that guided me to my goals. What was most helpful was her openness to answer any question I had. Sometimes working independently you know what you do well but also ques- tion how other achieved their goals. When I saw Rachel’s work I had such admiration + knew she had some wisdom to share. There was a long list of questions + she was more than happy to share how she successfully navigated her business. She provided great resources that I’ve now been able to implement into my work + has reignited my excitement. Our time together brought clarity, validation + curiosity to explore more.” 



Starting a business is pretty nerve racking. When I was considering giving photography a shot, I knew I loved telling stories with photos but the imposter syndrome was real. There was so much I felt I didn’t know. Rachel is a wealth of knowledge and experience, and the chance to sit down with her and have so many of my questions answered was just what I needed to feel confident in getting started. She was so encouraging while also straightforward and honest. Rachel speaks from passion and I still consult her expertise in my notes from that mentor session half a year later.






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