There’s a belief that pursuing the arts professionally means constantly struggling to find success–the “starving artist.” Over the years, I’ve debunked this myth. Artists struggle when they think work will come to them simply because of their talent. In reality, artists must seek out opportunities, not idly wait for them to suddenly appear. Your talent is why you get hired, but it’s not how you get found, or why clients stay. It’s about wearing different hats, making yourself discoverable, + delivering an amazing product. My goal is to help you figure this shit out.

My name is Rachel. I’m a wedding, lifestyle, + commercial photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY. When I started my business eight years ago, there was no education widely accessible for photographers. It was all trial + error + figuring it out for myself. After completing a degree in Advertising at Boston University (and many agency internships later), I decided to take my passion full-time. I feel grateful every day that I wake up to do what I love + I’m passionate about guiding other photographers on the path to do the same. If you’re in need of tips for building your business, strategies for reaching new clients, guidance on the creative process, or just need a reason to feel re-inspired, this mentorship experience is for you. 

My Philosophy–


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Complete an in-depth questionnaire about where you’re at in your business + what you’re interested in taking away from our time together.

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Download + read my “Educational PDF,” which is jam-packed with actionable information, including my applications + workflow tools, Instagram tips, + more!

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If you choose a session that includes a portfolio review, you’ll send me a bunch of galleries to look over.

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We plan a Zoom call or in-person meeting (masks required). Time to learn, grow, + feel inspired. 

"If you’ve been contemplating investing in yourself + your business, contemplate no more. Rachel is the kindest, most generous soul who also happens to be one of the most talented + seasoned in the industry. She brings a fresh + artistic eye to wedding photography and her client experience/marketing is something that she truly has down to a science, so learning from her is unparalleled. From start to finish she made sure the topics we discussed were relevant, and the information was always new and helpful. The entire session was curated to me and my unique + specific needs which I’m so grateful for. I came out of our session feeling revitalized and re-motivated to take control and apply everything I’d learned. On top of her boundless knowledge, she is the kindest advocate for everyone’s success— there’s truly nothing else you could ask for in a mentor."



"I got together with Rachel for a mentorship session and it lived up to & beyond any expectations I had. I have followed Rachel for years on social media and have always admired her way of storytelling, composing, and artful way of capturing couples. I was excited to invest in my business in this way. Rachel took her time with me and made sure my needs for the session were met as well as making me feel comfortable in front of the camera. She was an open book of information for any questions I had about the editing process, client experience and all things small business. She also provided multiple resources post mentorship session. It was the refresher I needed with a lovely creative soul I can now call friend. If you’re thinking of booking a mentorship with her, do it. You won’t regret it!"



“I did a mentorship with Rachel and if you are on the fence of doing one, I’m here to tell you – do it. I’ve followed Rachel and her work for quite some time now, and I just love her approach to documenting and her photojournalistic style. As soon as I reached out to learn her ways, she was so incredibly warm and just as excited as I was. It feels so nice when you immediately know someone is going to give their all, and seriously, Rachel did. She sent me over her mentoring starting guide with loads of helpful information along with a questionnaire that would get to know me better and what I wanted out of the mentorship. On the day of our 3 hour zoom call, she was prepared with an entire PDF walking me through everything she does to prepare her clients, all about the sessions and how she goes into each session and wedding. She took everything I wanted to know and made it easy to understand. I asked lots of questions and she was so approachable. I learned so much about her approach to things and I’m beyond excited to use everything I learned from her this year.”



"I've admired Rachel's photography for some time now. I've always loved how she was able to capture emotion and movement in her images. They're the type of photographs where you go, "Wow, I feel like I'm sitting next to these strangers just witnessing their life." So when I saw that Rachel was starting to offer mentorship sessions for fellow photographers, I knew I wanted to work with her. From beginning to end, Rachel was thorough in her planning and instruction. Possibly the best part, was the photoshoot at the end where I was the subject. I got to see how she would interact with a client and how she would cull/edit the photographs -- all great inside looks from a photographer's perspective. Overall, the mentorship was the perfect blend of practicality and creativity."



"I don't even know where to start about Rachel's work and her ability to share her knowledge. I've been admiring her work for a while now and decided I'd had enough of guessing how her incredible brain works hahaha! Our Zoom mentorship call was nothing short of awesome. She jam packed our session with SO much good information and reassurance without it being overwhelming. I filled out a super quick questionnaire on what I wanted to work on in my business and we focused on that. She also sent me a PDF of many other things as well which was very helpful. I was able to take the education she gave me and directly apply it to my next session and felt super confident doing it! HIGHLY recommend doing a mentorship with Rachel, she is amazing!!!!"



“After doing photography professionally for about three years, I started to get stuck in a rut. Inquires were very sparse, I didn’t have much content to share + I felt as if I was losing my drive for what I loved. I didn’t know how to advance my business + take it to the next level. I reached out to Rachel for mentoring because I saw she was doing something RIGHT. Rachel was extremely knowledgeable about how to book consistently, create a strong online presence + ultimately reach more clients. After implementing her advice, I can honestly say my business began to flourish. I started booking more weddings + creating content that I loved + was proud of. I was (+ still am) gaining more followers on Instagram + reaching more clients. I learned exactly where my clients are discovering me + how to better target them. Most importantly, I got my passion for photography back + realized that what I love most is couples + weddings! Now I have the tools I need to watch my business keep growing, thanks to Rachel!”






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