North Williamsburg, Brooklyn Couples Session

April 23, 2021

Since moving to Williamsburg, it’s easily become my favorite neighborhood to shoot in New York City. There are so many beautiful streets and hidden gems tucked away into this magical little corner of the universe. When Jenn and Ryan reached out to capture this season of their lives, I couldn’t have been more excited. These two have been living in Williamsburg for ten years, so it was only natural we bopped around their favorite places in the area. We started at their apartment–dancing around to country tunes while sipping on wine + Brooklyn lager. Then we headed up to their roof, before heading down to the buzzing streets below us. My favorite part of the session was stopping by their favorite local dive bar, Roebling Sporting Club. When taking the photos, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for them. How many nights they must’ve spent talking til late over drinks at the pub. These are the photos they’ll show their grandkids of when they were young and thriving in NYC. The clouds cleared up, and we captured the most insanely colorful sunset at North 5th Pier and Park. The light illuminated the skyline in hues of orange and yellow. The best part of it all? My five minute walk home 🙂

Hair/Makeup: Alexa Rae Makeup