Plaza Hotel Elopement, Manhattan, NYC

September 22, 2021

Danny and Sasha serendipitously met on the subway while returning home to Long Island City after a night out in Manhattan. It was one of those chance encounters, accompanied by a little liquid courage. Living in New York, we so easily go about our days exchanging smiles with passing strangers, but these two felt pulled toward one another. To turn what could’ve been a fleeting glance into a conversation. That conversation turned into a date, turned into the rest of their lives. On a sunny fall day, they decided to elope under the Queensboro Bridge, the structure that not only connects Manhattan to Queens, but connected them to one another. The ceremony was so beautifully officiated by Karla of Once Upon a Vow. Right after they said “I do” we shared celebratory shots of tequila. Afterward, we hopped in a cab and made our way to The Plaza Hotel. Sasha and Danny’s main goal was to have fun, and just be their goofy selves. So we popped some champagne, ordered pizza, and did just that.