"My fiancé + I aren’t exactly comfortable in front of a camera, so when we set out to find a photographer, we wanted someone who knew how to coach couples to move past the awkwardness + get those cute candids everyone so desires. Rachel was perfect for lightening the mood + making us feel like we were doing a good job posing. She laughed with us - not at us - when our ideas for a good shot were stupid + she expertly positioned us in ways that made us look effortlessly ~*in lurv*~. She has an amazing eye, was able to spot locations with great light, + led the session with such confidence and poise that it was easy to follow along. I was a little concerned that my fiancé + I would be charged with directing our photographer to the best areas, so we were very pleasantly surprised by all the scouting homework Rachel had done + impressed by just how well she knew the ins + outs of NYC."

Sam + Simon

"If you’re looking for a photographer who can capture your relationship, from the tiny expressions in your eyes to the subtle body language between a couple, Rachel is for you." 

"We hired Rachel to travel with us to Olympic National Park to capture our elopement and it was the best decision we could have made. This girl has RANGE! Whether it be the streets of Brooklyn or a rainforest in the PNW, she creates absolute art. When we first received our gallery, we spent hours in complete awe. The photos she captured were so raw and authentic that looking at them makes me emotional in the best way possible. In addition to her talent, she is a stellar human. Her bubbly and sincere personality instantly made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. If you want your own personal hype-woman, hire Rach immediately! We will exclusively be using Rachel to photograph our family's milestones."

Brice + Eli

"Rachel is the kind of photographer who
loves love and it is evident in every aspect
 of her work."

"Rachel shot our maternity photos in November and we could not be more thrilled. She's absolutely fantastic to work with. My husband and I are both in production + entertainment, and deeply understand what makes her so great at what she does. She captures all of the wonderful moments between the moments that make for glorious, candid glimpses at the everyday magic. Outside of the talent, she's well organized and has a very user-friendly and easy booking + payment process, which takes the stress and fussiness out of the logistics. So glad I came across her and can't wait for another excuse to invite her and her camera over!"

Kris + Joe

"She has a comfort and ease about her that makes anyone the best version of themselves in front of the camera."

"Dirk and I decided to bring Rachel with us to our destination wedding in Tuscany, and honestly we couldn’t have been happier with our choice. Rachel delivered about one million edited photos that looked super natural and candid in the most beautiful warm tones. Her aesthetics perfectly replicate the beauty of Tuscany, you’d think that she had been shooting there for years! And I can’t forget to mention that she brought an incredible second shooter with her enabling them to capture many single moments from multiple angles. Oh, and she delivered the entire gallery in about 3 weeks—mind blown! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING RACHEL."

Ali + Dirk

"Ladies, gentlemen, just do yourself a favor and book Rachel."

"Anything I write here to describe Rachel as both a human being and photographer will fall short. Her style radiates raw, honest emotion and captures the individual and unique love stories of each of her clients in ways that words could never hold a candle to. If you hire Rachel, you will get a great deal more than you've ever thought to bargain for. Not only is she my longtime photographer, she is someone I consider now to be a dear friend."

Alyssa + Matt

"Rachel has a true gift in that she captures the moments that are so fleeting while you're in the midst of living them, that you hardly notice she was there to capture and etch them into permanence with her lens. "

"Rachel shot our city hall elopement and we are so happy that we found her! From start to finish, Rachel was incredibly knowledgeable, kind, professional, and (most important to us), fun and easy-going. From suggesting locations and helping us schedule our day to sharing a pretzel outside city hall with us, to actually being our witness, Rachel helped us have the perfect wedding day. We love our photos! Not only did Rachel capture all the special moments we shared together, she really told the full story of the day. When we look at the photos, we have so much fun remembering all of the little details and unexpected New York adventures. We loved working with, meeting, and spending time with Rachel - book her now, you won't be sorry!"

Una + Tim

"Neither of us particularly love pictures of ourselves, but Rachel made us feel so comfortable and natural - sometimes we forgot she had a camera at all."

"I am SO happy we found Rachel. From the minute she connected with us - it was smooth, professional, and easy. Rachel has a fun, loving attitude and down to earth personality that makes it so wonderful to have when you're shooting pictures. She was helpful through every step and on the day of came prepared and organized. She led us through Brooklyn Heights and found the most amazing areas that were our style (if someone asked what my "perfect" engagement shoot would be - this would have been it!). The entire shoot passed by so fast because we were laughing and talking like we'd been friends for ever. We are so happy with the outcomes and even more for the memories we got to create that day."

Ling + Shalin

"Thank you Rachel for making us feel like us and nothing more or less."

"Where do we even start? Rachel is so friendly and to talk to that by the end of our very first conversation with her, we felt like we had been friends for years. She has such a light about her that makes you feel at ease in front of the camera (which is huge for us since we're both very uncomfortable being center of attention) + energized from the liveliness she exudes. We admire her creativity + professionalism (while still being fun, relaxed, dancing the night away with us!), was so accommodating, had wonderful suggestions, and was fantastic at corralling our wedding party family members. Rachel took both our engagement wedding photos + we loved seeing what she captured from two awkward people who were having the time of their lives. They're beautifully stunning. We love her + will 10/10 use her again in the future."

Mal + Duncan

"Most importantly, she captured the small moments that we didn't even know were important and would cherish."