Williamsburg Brooklyn Loft Engagement Session

June 2, 2020

Chris and Elizabeth’s Williamsburg engagement session has got to be one of my favorite shoots of all time. Working with clients who validate me and trust my creative vision is so important, and that’s exactly how I felt about these two. When Elizabeth and I first spoke, we instantly connected over the vision she had for the session. In the midst of winter, she wanted to create something cozy and warm. We searched for the perfect indoor location to fit the vibe, and ended up booking this amazing loft on Peerspace. For our second location, we strolled down to Domino Park for skyline views of Manhattan.

Chris and Elizabeth’s love for each other is refreshing – they’re playful, yet slow. Carefree, yet thoughtful. When I asked them about their love story, they recounted it to me with gleaming eyes. It began a few years ago on a summer night. Chris, who had recently left his law career behind to pursue music, was working his first day on the job at a riverside bar. That same night, Elizabeth and her friends were having a girls night out. Neither of them suspected that evening would change their lives forever. They both noticed each other from afar, and later on as Elizabeth moved through the bar, she walked by Chris and winked at him. He described that wink as having shot straight through his heart. The rest is history. Yup. Don’t be surprised if that’s the plot of Netflix’s next hit RomCom.  

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